Loyal to the Soil - A Visit To Sound Sustainable Farms

August 22, 2019

The menu may change, but the desire for great, locally sourced produce does not. When Cedar Grove launched Sound Sustainable Farms in 2017, it was a natural fit for Heartwood Provisions to partner with them.

Cedar Grove brings its locally manufactured, organic compost from residents and restaurants to Sound Sustainable Farms in Redmond, where it is used to restore soil health and help productivity on farmland, that was intended for produce.

In July, Chef Kimberley and her kitchen crew were invited to tour the farm. They had the oppourtunity to walk row by row, identifying familiar produce and picking the fruit or vegetable right from the ground and enjoying it.

“It is so cool to know our food waste is going to become great soil and create local produce. It’s a full life cycle that I am excited to be a part of and want to use as much of their product as possible. It doesn’t get more local than that!”- Chef Kim

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