Fries Sold At CenturyLink Sunday Came From Potatoes Fertilized with Food Scraps From The Stadium

Q13 Fox, October 29, 2017

SEATTLE - Fans at Sunday's Seahawks game may not have known, but the french fries they ordered during the game, weren't ordinary fries.

They were grown organically at a farm where the potatoes were made from food scraps supplied by CenturyLink Field.

"The Seahawks have taken some really positive steps toward sustainability and not just doing it, but showing what they're doing and educating their fans. So their fans, too, can do it at home. They can compost on their kitchen counter. They can put in a raised bed garden," Karen Dawson with Cedar Grove Composting, said Sunday.

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Potatoes Grown From Trash Sold at Seahawks Game

KIRO 7, October 29, 2017

SEATTLE, WA - Available at the Seattle Seahawks game Sunday: food grown from trash.

All of the french fries served at CenturyLink Field on Oct. 28 came from Sound Sustainable Farms, which used compost from the stadium’s food waste to grow its produce.

The Seahawks have partnered with Cedar Grove Composting and Sound Sustainable Farms to offer locally sourced, organic and eco-friendly foods. 

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Seahawks To Debut Potato-based Menu Items Grown From Trash

King 5, October 27, 2017, by Allison Morrow

The Seahawks defense is known for getting down and dirty. So dirty, in fact, the team is not shy about serving 6,000 pounds of potatoes grown from trash.

Earlier this year, the Hawks eyed a field in Redmond, not for football but for growing local food. Sound Sustainable Farm is run by Cedar Grove, the company that turns King and Snohomish County food waste into compost.

That compost grew pesticide-free potatoes which will debut for the 12th Man on Sunday.

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6,000 Pounds Of Locally Sourced Fries To Be Served At CenturyLink Field This Sunday, October 26, 2017

The Seattle Seahawks and First & Goal Hospitality (FGH) will celebrate the ongoing sustainability efforts at CenturyLink Field during this Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans as the stadium continues to be one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable sports and entertainment facilities in the world.

“We didn’t get to this stage overnight, but rather a 10-year journey of continuous improvements starting with food sustainability to energy and environment,” said David Young, Senior Vice President of Operations/General Manager of CenturyLink Field.

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Seahawks Celebrate Sustainability Efforts at Sunday's Game Against The Texans, October, 24, 2017, Seahawks Communication

RENTON, Wash. – The Seattle Seahawks and First & Goal Hospitality (FGH) will celebrate the ongoing sustainability efforts at CenturyLink Field during this Sunday’s game vs. the Houston Texans. CenturyLink Field continues to be one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable sports and entertainment facilities in the world.

The Seahawks and FGH have partnered with Cedar Grove Composting and Sound Sustainable Farms to focus on locally sourced, organic products that provide the highest quality food and beverage choices for Seahawks fans and support eco-friendly practices.

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Closing The Loop On Sustainability

425 Business, September 5, 2017, by Margo Greenman

When Redmond-based Sound Sustainable Farms launched in June, its mission was clear: close the loop on sustainability.

The 60-acre farm, is the brainchild of Cedar Grove, a local company that works to divert organic waste away from landfills. One way the nearly 100-year-old organization does this is by partnering with area restaurants, turning their food waste into compost.

When Cedar Grove acquired the dormant farmland that would become Sound Sustainable Farms, it only made sense to reach out to the restaurants it already was working with.

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Closing the Loop: Composting Restaurant Food Waste
How Restaurant Scraps Become Fresh Produce

425 Business, September 8, 2017, by Julie Arnan

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we all know the three “R’s” when it comes to waste and virtually no one thinks any of these are a bad idea. But as Stephan Banchero of Cedar Grove Compost and its subsidiary Sound Sustainable Farms likes to say, “recycling is only as good as it is on the back end.” In other words, what matters is what happens to the yard waste and recyclable goods once they leave our curbside.

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The Boeing Classic Goes Farm to Table

King5, August 25, 2017, by Michelle Li

Food waste from last year's Boeing Classic golf tournament helped grow food for this year's event, thanks to a new farm in Redmond.

Sound Sustainable Farms was launched by Cedar Grove, a local company that has made organic compost from local food waste for decades. This is the farm's first growing season. The farm grows 78 different crops thanks to compost created from several restaurants in the Seattle area.

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Seahawks Take Gameday Food & Beverage To Another Level With First & Goal Hospitality, August 18, 2017, by Charles Koh

This season, Seahawks fans will get to experience the very best on the field as well as off the field. With the recent creation of First & Goal Hospitality (FGH), all general concessions and premium dining at Seahawks games will be managed under the new group to bring fans fresh offerings and expanded menu items.

The Seahawks announced an agreement back in February to collaborate with locally based executive chef and founder of Huxley Wallace Collective Josh Henderson to bring the best local food and beverage options to CenturyLink Field.

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Cedar Grove waste management company goes full circle, gets into farming business

Q13 FOX, June 13, 2017, By TIM JOYCE

REDMOND, Wash.– The pickup truck rattles along the gravel road between rows and rows of crops at Sound Sustainable Farms. From arugula to zucchini, there’s about 80 types of crops on these 65 acres parked right on the edge of the Seattle suburb along NE 124th Street.

What makes this farm special is not the produce they grow, or that the fruits and veggies here are ending up in some of Seattle’s finest dining spots.

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Compost company grows food with food waste

King-TV, June 19, 2017, by ALLISON MORROW

There’s nothing new about the phrase "farm to table," but what about "waste to table?" The company that takes much of King County and Snohomish County’s food and yard waste is now farming too.

Cedar Grove compost takes in about 350,000 tons of waste annually. Now, the company is turning food waste back into food at its newest venture, Sound Sustainable Farms.

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El Gaucho, Ivar's and Met Grill partner with Cedar Grove on new produce farm

Puget Sound Business Journal, June 6, 2017,

"This is the ultimate farm to table, back to the farm and back to the table program," El Gaucho President and Chief Operating Officer Chad Mackay said.

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Cedar Grove™ Creates Local, Organic Food Model

Farm in Redmond, Washington takes organics recycling full circle, growing food in compost generated by community

June 5, 2017 – Redmond, Wash. - Sound Sustainable Farms, opening this summer and located in Redmond, Wash., strives to bring fresh, locally grown, organic food to the tables of diners at our finest area restaurants, fans at our region’s iconic ballparks and the tables of hungry families throughout our region.

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