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Why is healthy soil so important?

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of sustainable land management and ecosystem health, providing essential services that support food security, biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and overall environmental sustainability.

The dirt behind our dirt...

At Sound Sustainable Farms we offer the very best soil products from Cedar Grove Composting.  These include compost, topsoil for both garden beds and lawns, and special mulch for weed control while not robbing the soil of beneficial nutrients. 


Registered Organic Compost - Lets start with the very same compost we use in our fields to grow our amazing produce, this compost is available in bulk and bags for all your landscape needs.  It's high nutrient value benefits all types of vegetation from gardens, to landscape beds, to topdressing your lawn.  Some of these benefits include;

  • Supplying quick and slow release nutrients, beneficial soil life, and organic matter
    that stores nutrients and moisture—in a single economical application!

  • Improves soil structure for better root growth, reduced
    erosion and runoff

  • Increase moisture infiltration

  • Improves water retention

  • Supplies and supports beneficial microorganisms in soil

  • Improves nutrient retention

  • Helps plants to more effectively utilize nutrients

  • Buffers soil pH

  • Improves nutrient retention. 

You can't always tell when your soil needs compost, but your plants tell you when you do!

3-Way Topsoil - A good all around topsoil starting with a native sandy loam base and a boost of compost goodness to capture the benefits listed above!

60/40 Topsoil - Great for new lawns and areas where drainage is key to a successful landscape.  This soil is made up of 60% coarse sand and 40% fine compost.  And lets be real - here in the Pacific Northwest, drainage is always top of mind!

2-Way Topsoil - Flip the script on the sand/compost ratio.  This high nutrient soil is a blend of 2/3 compost, 1/3 sand - great for all your gardening and lawn topdressing needs.

Landscape Mulch - Top-dress your landscape beds with this beautiful mix of compost and ground forest product. Provides weed control while offering a boost of nutrients that your plants desperately need.

5/8 Minus Gravel - Restore the beauty of your garden paths or driveway with this 5/8 crushed rock. 

Soil Yard Hours

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm


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