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Restaurants and Resellers

We take great pride in the quality of the organic produce we grow at Sound Sustainable Farms, and we are humbled by the support we've received from all the great restaurants and partners who have chosen us as their local, organic produce supplier.  

It's a big decision to put your reputation in the hands of others and we recognize our responsibility as a supplier.

In addition to the best local, organic produce, we help you tell a story.  If you're currently using Cedar Grove as your food waste hauler, you're helping create the quality compost that we use in our fields.  By serving our produce at your establishment, you are closing the loop in the recycling world by providing dishes that include produce grown from the compost you helped create!

If you're not currently using Cedar Grove to manage your food waste, reach out today and we can help you get set to tell the story to your valued and environmentally conscious customers!

If you are a business and are interested in selling products at the farm stand or at Sound Bites Delivers, please inquire below.

Jamie Porter and Sound Sustainable Farms produce delivery truck

During the season, we provide weekly fresh sheets and offer both delivery and pick up options.

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