"For me as a be looking at our menu and really planning out the season with the farm is pretty spectacular."

- Brent Novotny, On Point Hospitality 

For 20 years, the El Gaucho sourcing philosophy has been to find the very best ingredients for our guests with local and organic products at the top of our priorities. El Gaucho Fields allows our culinary team to work with the farmers of Sound Sustainable Farms to plant and harvest their choice of fresh, local organic produce and honey.
— Chad Mackay, president and COO, El Gaucho Hospitality
Our primary sustainability focus areas are food waste diversion and using compostable and recyclable materials. Through our composting program, Tutta Bella’s five locations were able to keep approximately 475 tons of food scraps out of the landfill in 2016 alone. Additionally in 2016, Tutta Bella donated surplus food that created over 3,000 meals for local hunger relief through Seattle’s Table, a Food Lifeline program. How exciting after 13 years to have this opportunity to grow and serve local produce that comes from a farm that uses community compost!
— Joe Fugere, Founder, Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria
We continue to make CenturyLink Field one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable facilities in the world. Our partnership with Cedar Grove allows us to focus on locally sourced, organic products that provide the highest quality food and beverage choices for our fans and support eco-friendly practices.
— Seahawks Vice President of Operations/General Manager of CenturyLink Field David Young
El Gaucho Fields will grow many of the ingredients that our culinary teams use in our seasonal menus. In fact, our Spring carrot recipe was created to showcase the first harvest. We are grateful to be blessed with a surplus of fresh, organic produce and it will be donated to non-profit organizations including Union Gospel Mission.
— Chad MacKay, president and COO, El Gaucho Hospitality
Sound Sustainable Farms is the completion of a dining, composting and farming process that now will be fully integrated and truly hours fresh! How can you not want to be part of that?
— Eric Hellner, executive chef, Metropolitan Grill
I am honored to be one of the opening partners with Sound Sustainable Farms, which will bring a true sustainable farm to table to field model to the public.
— Eric Hellner, executive chef, Metropolitan Grill


Being able to produce in a ‘closed loop’ system in this urban fringe is truly a collaborative effort of commitment and passion that will change how we are able to viably increase our regional food system in the next decade.
— Oxbow Farm Manager Adam McCurdy
Carleton Farms in Lake Stevens, WA loaded with Cedar Grove Compost and ready to grow.

Carleton Farms in Lake Stevens, WA loaded with Cedar Grove Compost and ready to grow.

Compost applications in medium to large farms is relatively a new practice as most farms use commercial fertilizers. We ventured into using compost via a 4-year compost trial with WSU. We saw noticeably healthier plants and in most cases higher crop yields as well as residual nutrient values in the soils from prior year’s applications. We still use commercial fertilizers, but find compost the go-to for rebuilding and sustaining healthy soils.
— Darren Carleton, Carleton Farms