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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Welcome to the SOUND SUSTAINABLE FARMS FAQ. Below you will find a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about our Organic Vegetable Farm.  If you still have additional questions after consulting our list of FAQs, then please get in touch directly and we will be happy to help!

Sound Sustainable Farms Sunrise over the Greenhouses
  • Can I buy produce from the farm?
    Absolutely! Stop by our farmstand during business hours or visit our delivery company, Sound Bites Delivers, for the best of the Puget Sound shipped directly to your door.
  • Are you certified organic?
    Glad you asked! Yes, we are certified organic through the WSDA, and we hold the GAP food safety certification from the USDA. Sound Sustainable Farms is devoted to building and maintaining healthy soils by using compost, cover crops, and rotating crops. We reject the use of synthetic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.
  • When is your produce in season?
    The peak season is June - November. This is when the bulk of our products are being harvested. We do have some crops that last into the winter like Kale, Spinach, Beets, Carrots, and Brussels, as well as some early spring crops like Arugula, Spinach, Radish, and Lettuce.
  • Do you buy from other farms?
    Yes, we do bring in crops that we don’t grow ourselves to sell in our farm stand, things like apples and stone fruit. We also source organic produce that is not in season or grown at our farm, to supplement our farm stand offerings in the winter. We also sell our produce to other farms who may need the crops we grow, because the truth is, farming is a community more than a competition. The USDA estimates that in the US, only 1.5% of agricultural production is local. It is much better to work together than to compete.
  • Do you offer a CSA program?
    We do not currently offer a CSA program, but you can buy weekly mixed boxes of the best in-season produce, or build your own at You have the choice to have this delivered to your door or you can pick it up at our farm stand.
  • What do you grow?
    We currently grow over 50 varieties of vegetables onsite. Since the list is so long, we have a page here that shows some of these crops when in season.
  • Do you offer farm tours?
    We love to tour the community here at the farm. We have monthly tours scheduled, as well as other opportunities to engage with our farm and staff, including story time for kids, craft days, and field trips for schools. Information on our upcoming events can be found on our What's Happening page.
  • Do you offer a U-Pick?
    We do not offer u-pick for our general crops at this time. That said, our pumpkin patch in October is open to the public to wander around and select the perfect pumpkins for carving or decorations.
  • Can we bring our pets to the farm?
    Sorry but no, pets are not allowed at the farm. As much as we love pets, our organic and food safety rules state that no dogs can wander the fields. This includes our own Finn, who would love to come see what his humans are up to when we are not at home, but has yet to visit aside from a quick drive by in the truck. We also do not allow pets in our farm stand, in compliance with food safety regulations. We do have an area on our farm stand porch where you can secure your dog’s leash and they can have a drink of water!
  • Do you have Festive Fall Events?
    Yes, our pumpkin patch is amazing! It can be a bit muddy, but what fun are clean boots after leaving a farm? That said, we also bring pumpkins up to a grassy area out of the field. This is a great, less-messy alternative, perfect for those with little kids, or people who don’t have rain boots.
  • Do you sell seeds and vegetable starts?
    Yes, visit our Farm Stand for local organic seeds from Deep Harvest Seeds, as well as vegetable starts grown right here in our greenhouse. We also have flower seeds and flower starts from Bad Birdie Blooms, another local business. Starts are typically available starting in early April and can run through the growing season. On that note - need a raised garden box as well? We currently have them available at the farm stand!!!
  • Is all the produce in the farm stand local and organic?
    All the produce that we grow on our farm is certified organic, and comes from our field. From the farm stand to the very end of the field is less than half a mile, we’d say that’s as local as it gets! However, we do source other produce for the farm stand. Our commitment during the Washington growing season, is to only carry our own produce, or produce from other local (Washington) farms. The farms that we partner with in Washington are either certified organic, or follow organic farming practices. In the off-season, we will source organic produce from outside Washington if necessary, so we can stay open year-round and still offer quality produce to our customers.
  • Do you sell at any Farmers’ Markets?
    We do not currently sell at Farmers’ Markets, although this is something we are working toward. We have hosted pop-up farm stands at local businesses. Interested in having a pop-up farm stand at your business or event? Contact us for details!
  • Do you sell soil products at the farm?
    Yes, our farm hosts a Cedar Grove bulk soil yard, where you can get your truck or trailer loaded with many different soil and mulch products. Bulk delivery is also available through Cedar Grove. Bagged soils are for sale in our farm stand or soil yard. The farm stand also offers a mini “Load Your Own” soil yard for residential customers. Five different products are available to be loaded into sandbags or 5-gallon buckets. You can purchase sandbags or buckets at the farm stand, or BYOB (bring your own bucket).
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